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SIX Website Building Techniques For Affiliates

Most common question in many forums is – ‘I have to build a web site for each of my affiliate products?’.

Answer is yes, if you are serious about selling that product. Most of the webmasters join in many many affiliate programs and lost track of them. They just keep an ad or banner on some place and forget about it. This won’t work …

An affiliate has to choose only handful of programs that he/she is interested in and concentrate on them. So it is easy to build a web site for few products.

Tips on building a website to promote affiliate products:

* Get a web ste name smilar to the affiliate product web site. If the affiliate web site is, you can register This way both web sites looks same with same product.

* Go for a multidomain host. So you can host all of your affiliate sites with cheaper prices. The multidomain hosting panel comes with a web host manager where you can create your web sites easy. Each site gets its own cpanel to manage.

* Write and publish articles on your affiliate site that are based on the product merchant theme. This content also attracts search engines so more pages will be indexed in the search results.

* Set up an opt-in page to send a free report. Install a follow up autoresponder script and get your visitors addresses. Follow up them with bonus or discount offers from merchant.

* Display the affiliate product image and content from the affiliate product site on your site. Ask the merchant permission before doing that. Link to your affiliate site through standard affiliate link, so cookie will be set on visitors computer. This will credit sale to you.

* You can hide affiliate link in taskbar of the browser by using the following code: (Take out all SIX # in the code to make it work)

Your Text Here

Promote your affiliate like your own site. Good luck!