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Dangers of Unlimited Space & Bandwidth

Over the years, the web hosting industry has taken several changes. One of these changes includes the introduction of unlimited space and/or bandwidth. These changes are a way for hosting companies to deceive it’s customers, as a way to bring in more income. The sad truth is, you do not always get what you pay for, but these companies hope that you are unaware of this type of trickery.

So what exactly are the dangers of overselling Unlimited Space & Bandwidth?

is a term used in the web hosting industry to describe a situation in which a company provides hosting plans that are unsustainable if every one of its customers uses the full extent of services advertised. The term is usually referred to the web space and bandwidth transfer allowance.”

That basically means, a web hosting company will sell you a service that it really cannot offer. This can be called false advertising, however, not one person has been able to prove a web hosting wrong because of three main factors:

Andy Anderson

How much room do you actually need for a site? Looking through my server logs most people use 500MB (megabytes) of disk space and about 5GB (gigabytes) of bandwidth. That is plenty of room for the average person with only 1GB of disk space. But most people will not ever look at how much space they are using. They only look at storage space when they are looking for a host. The hosting market these days are very competitive. Web Hosts bank on your lack of knowledge and promise you TB (terabytes) of space and bandwidth. If you look at they have a terabyte hard drive for $400.00 a month per host. So think for a minute, how can a host offer you a $1.95 month web hosting plan for a terabyte of space? Mathematically they cannot possibly do it, and yet, they know about it and lie to your face that they can. They also hide behind their TOS (terms of service) saying you must have active sites etc. Do you think would pay for 1,000’s of servers if they could host at DreamHost, who oversells web space, for $7.95?

Written By: Robert Smith (CEO of