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What is Web Hosting and Does Every Site Need It?

Web sites require a large number of computer files, from HTML text files to JPG image files and often many others. If you intend to build a web site where do you put all these files so that internet users can access them anytime and from anywhere? You need a secure name server and data space that can be accessed online and this is what a web host offers you.

It is possible to create your own DNS or domain name server, and host your own files and email accounts online from a server you own yourself. Doing this requires an amount of technical proficiency, money, and time that massively outweighs the nominal five dollar a month charge that the hosting sites charge you for these services. Their are even some hosts out there that will give you a more limited account for free.

What is the difference between domain registration and web hosting? A domain registrar is the company or website that registers your domain name or url of your site. A web host is the site or company that actually maintains your files and email accounts so that the public can access them. It is very common and convenient for these two services to be done by the same company but its not necessary.

Choosing the right web host to use can be a complicated task. There are more hosting services on the web than I could ever put a number to. You really needn’t worry about this decision that much though because most of these hosts are very similar in their service, and use similar or even identical interfacing software that will include free templates or site building tools to help you get started.

Web hosting sites aren’t all the same though there are definitely some differences. Same as with any business you will find some deliver better customer service, some servers are faster, some are more reliable, some have less downtime, some crash less often, some have slightly better options. If you really want to pick and choose you can read web hosting reviews on several of the top services online.