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Video Web Hosting – Putting Your Video Online

The word ‘YouTube’ is not a strange word to the majority of Internet users today. However, we cannot assume that everybody knows YouTube and its use. In short, YouTube is a video sharing website that allows users and the public to upload, watch and share videos. In order to upload your video, you need to have a Google account that you can use to login and use the YouTube facilities. However, this is not the only way to put your videos on the web. There are also video web hosting services offered by different web hosting companies.

Getting your videos online require a substantial amount of hard disk space for storage. Moreover, it will also require a lot of bandwidth for uploading and streaming. Therefore, people opt for video web hosting since storage and bandwidth will be catered by the provider. Moreover, this way you have your own domain and you do not have to post your video at public place.

In order to decide the best provider for your own use, here are two main considerations that you can use. Firstly you need to find out if there are certain limits imposed. These limits can be of the storage size provided for each user, or file sizes and also the total bandwidth. Video files are usually large (in size) and there is no meaning in subscribing to a certain provider if the limits make it hard for you to upload video files.

The second thing to consider is regarding the format and software (or plug-ins) required to view the uploaded videos. Since your original video file is usually large, you need to convert it to a smaller size video that is supported by the web host. Sometimes the video files will be compressed during conversion. The compression quality may determine the video quality that is uploaded for viewing. Although software or plug-ins for viewing are only needed at the users’ end, software that is very hard to find may cause your video to be less popular.

From the discussions above, two main things to take into account are the limits and the format needed to upload a file. You should weigh these things along with the promotions from the hosting company to avoid disappointment.