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Your Own Domain Name – Why You Should Buy One?

Your own website name (domain name) may be the single most beneficial, cost effective asset you ever purchase. With most of the world doing business using the web these days, your presence in this marketplace is virtually a must. If you already have or intend to have your own business (small or large) or even a local club you must enter this arena to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you just want to ‘play around’ blogging you can setup a FREE blog with either WordPress or Blogger and obtain a FREE domain with an address such as:

But as you can see, you get the postfix web site address of either WordPress dot com or blogger dot com and not your own web address.

If you want to be independent and take full control of your web site’s destiny you definitely need your own web site name. Even if you are only planning your web presence at this stage you can still do domain registration, with or without a parked domain hosting package. By registering your name now you are assured of getting the domain you want rather than having someone else acquire your company or club name. It’s a little hard changing your company’s name, in particular once your business is established, but just imagine what could happen if you have or get a fantastic business established and someone else has your web site name. They get all your web business because your customers naturally go to, what they presume, is your web presence.

These FREE domains are very good for practicing but if you are going to get serious about your web presence you must get your own website name and domain hosting account.

If you intend to run a business or club from your web site then you must register your own domain. WordPress in particular does not allow commercial enterprises to make money for its dot com platform you must use the WordPress dot org platform instead. The WordPress platform is the one I currently use and I highly recommend it, it’s simple to setup and easy to manage.

Not only does having your own website name give you control but it also makes marketing your website far easier. With your own website name the only restrictions you have are those imposed by

company policy. At a cost of less than $10 per annum it certainly makes financial sense.