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eBay Picture Hosting – Save Money

When eBay burst on the internet scene, allowing a fairly inexpensive way to set up your own place on the web to be able to sell your wares, the entrepreneurs in all of us were very excited. eBay presents a way for you to market your handmade crafts, attic collectibles, or excess concert tickets to the highest internet bidder. In the early days of this tool, people were making thousands of dollars on stuff they thought no one would be interested. As eBay has grown very quickly, the creators have instated rules and fees to ensure they continue to get their piece of the pie as well. Recently, the online auction giant announced that any more than one photo accompanying an auction listing would cost you additional money. On a forum like eBay picture hosting is essential, but could prove to be costly to the individual with many items to sell.

Because of this price increase and the difficulties that arise when you are trying to depend only on eBay to host your images, some savvy entrepreneurs have discovered the more affordable alternatives like external photo hosting. If you’ve never really stopped to think about what goes into your images appearing on eBay, you should know that every time you upload a photo, the file is actually being stored on eBay’s server. Because this storage takes up valuable space on their server, this service is usually limited.

A way around this eBay picture hosting conundrum is to host the images and pictures somewhere else on the internet, on a server owned by you or by an image hosting company. This way the images are already published on the web, and all you have to do to make them appear on your eBay auction page is to insert a simple HTML link into your page or description.

Although this seems like it might be too good to be true, there is currently no eBay rule or regulation that prohibits linking to externally hosted images and photographs. By taking advantage of this loophole, you’ll be able to give your potential customers a good look at the products you’re selling. This will make them more confident in the fact that you are really selling the product that you describe, and they will be more likely to bid on the item. You can learn more about eBay picture hosting and how you can use it at