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Real Estate Website Hosting – Own Your Own Domain!

So where do you start in the quest to establish your own independent real-estate website? The First Step – Register Your Unique Real estate Domain Name.

A domain name is your own unique address on the world wide web – just like your telephone number or email address. Domain names ends with .com or .net etc. Its always preferable to have a domain name with a .com extension, because that is the most widely recognized for businesses, and there are other advantages too which we will get into later.

Lets explore the things you need. The very first step is to find a list of good seed names for your real estate business. Now maybe you are already incorporated or more likely you work under your broker using your own name. So your own name or your own business name is probably the easiest seed name to start with. Now, the next step might sound easy, but it is a bit harder than you think. Ideally the domain name should be easy to read and spell, not very long and preferably limited to 25 characters or less. Using variations of your name eg. John- Doe- Realtor might be easier to get than John Doe. And last but not least, it should be easy to roll off the tongue ! – you should be able to speak your domain name over the phone and the person on the other side should understand it without having to repeat over and over again ! I am reminded of that famous politician who was trying to pronounce his website name on TV during his ten minutes of fame. It was filled with dashes. Say John-dash-Doe-dash-Realtor-of-dash-Mytown. over the phone to someone, and you will get my point. Once you have thought about a few choices for your favorite domain name, its time to go to the next step.

Is that domain name already taken ? I can almost guarantee you that if you thought about the perfect domain name for your business, it is very likely that it has already been taken by someone else. If you had started this process in the early days of the web, you would have found your ideal real estate domain without any competition! These days competition for domain names is fierce. But do not despair!, being late only means that you’ve been busy doing other exciting things – right?

So how do you find if your perfect real estate domain name is already taken by your most hated competitor ? This is the next step. will then need to search if the domain is already taken by someone else. The easiest way to start your search is to go with an ICANN domain registrar like GoDaddy or Dotster.

Actually you can make this an interactive process – that is search for the domain name and see if it has already been taken in one step. For instance on the

site you can type in your domain name of choice, and if the domain name is already taken, you will be given choices for alternate names that sound similar, or variations of the name you typed in – its called Smart Search.

Thousands of articles have been written on picking a great domain name and the importance of the domain name in getting positioned in search engines like Google or yahoo. But here is a secret – Its been debated among experts – but it is very possible that the age of your domain name matters in search positioning. The older your domain name, the better chances it has of coming up higher in the search engines. So even if you do not plan on developing your website immediately, atleast do yourself a favor and reserve that favorite domain name NOW!

You might be able to register the domain name for FREE! – because most webhosts lets you register your domain name without cost if you purchase a basic Webhosting package from them. See the next article in this series on How to

for your Real estate website.