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An Introduction of Clipshare Hosting and Clipbucket Hosting

Do you ever wish that you could share your videos with the world? YouTube is so vast and overpopulated that your videos may never be seen; if they are seen, downloading can take forever. Clipbucket hosting is the fastest growing script for sharing videos on the web. With Clipbucket you have access to multiple online clip sharing websites, so your videos are always open to the world.

Clipbucket is dedicated to providing you with the best that clipshare hosting have to offer. The top five sites and companies in conjunction with Clipbucket are Arvixe, Bounceweb, Apthost, Cirtex Hosting, and Pacific Host. While joining any of the affiliate programs will cost you, joining Clipbucket is free. Clipbucket was the very first open source video sharing script. Since starting up several years ago thousands and thousands of people have made Clipbucket their home for video file sharing.

Downloading Clipbucket is safe for your computer and if you would like to know exactly what you are getting yourself into first, then there is a preview for you. By going to their website you have the option of clicking a watch live preview button, which will give you a demo of the program and how it works. Once you have an account created, uploading videos is a piece of cake. Simply select upload and the video that you wish to share with the world. In no time at all you’ll be sharing.

When watching videos Clipbucket makes it easy to search. Simply type in what you’re looking for and a batch of videos will appear. Pick the video you want, and enjoy. Once you are done watching another batch of videos that you may be interested in will appear. This is based on your previous viewing choices. If you have a burning desire to respond to a video posted, it is easy to do. Simply click below and type what you want to say. Once you’ve tweaked the wording to your perfection, submit the comment to communicate with the world. If you really like a video you may also rate it from one to five stars, five being excellent.

Since not everyone speaks the same language, CMS hosting gives users multiple languages and serves numerous countries across the globe. You can be sharing a Californian sunset with a Japanese businessman in a matter of seconds. Clipbucket’s easy to use features are quickly making it the top choice for avid clip sharers around the world. If sharing the moments of your life via film sparks your interest, then check out and start sharing today!