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How to Use HostGator’s Sitebuilder

HostGator has established its name by providing its subscribers with affordable hosting plans that are packed with usable features that every website owner needs to get ahead in the fast moving and competitive communication medium that is the Internet. Ever since the company’s start in 2002, it has already received various awards, validating it’s excellence in providing a reliable hosting service to its thousands of clients worldwide. And as they continue to grow, you can expect more innovations, courtesy of their expert development team, to come your way

Through the years hostgator has helped different types of people all over the world with their hosting needs. Aside from the hosting plans that they have on offer, which could fit any need, budget and lifestyle, they have also devised ways by which a subscriber will be able to easily develop his or her website even without learning any technical know how of website building. Now anyone can build their own website by using the HostGator site builder feature that comes free with any hosting plan availed from the company.

If you’re interested to create your own website for free, then you should learn how to use HostGator site builder on their website. With its easy to understand interface and the wide array of templates ranging from dating themes to business layouts, that you can choose from, you will be able to create a full functioning website in just a couple of hours. All you really need to do is to simply log on to the site builder page to get started.

Step 1: template

The first step in learning how to use HostGator site builder is to choose a template for your website. Depending on your own personal taste and the overall theme of your website, you can choose templates from a variety or categories like fashion, holiday, design studio and hotel. It’s important that you choose a template that will best represent your website so that Internet viewers visiting it will be stimulated to look around.

Step 2: pages

After choosing a template for your website the next step is arranging and deciding on the types of pages you should have. With the help of the easy to use interface, you won’t have to worry about managing the pages of your website ever again. All you need to do is click on your chosen pages sets, edit the layouts and you’ll end up with a website that is customized to fit your preferences.

Step 3: content

Once you’re done with the pages, it’s then time to encode the content that you want on your pages. Formatting is a breeze, as you will discover that it’s just like using the word editing programs being used by many people in their daily lives. You will also be able to add on some extra features on to your website such as the rss feed button just by clicking on it.

Step 4: publish

And lastly, when you’re satisfied with how everything looks, you can publish your website for the whole world to see with just a click on the publish button. Who ever though that developing your own website could be that easy?

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