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Host the Perfect Baby Shower on a Shoestring Budget

Baby showers are a wonderful way for an expectant mother to celebrate having a baby with her friends and family. A baby shower can be planned by one or more people for mother and baby. Today’s economy can impact the amount of money we spend on many things including baby showers. As a friend, you want to host the perfect baby shower on a shoestring budget if your funds are limited. It is not an impossible task to throw a nice party with little money.

The event is usually held before the baby is born and should occur 6-12 weeks prior to the baby’s due date. There are many options for invitations, and they can be hand delivered when possible to save on postage. An invitation printed on baby themed paper can be a simple yet elegant invitation. Electronic invitations or e-Vite’s are acceptable forms of asking people to join the celebration, and there are many free versions available. Keep in mind people who do not use e-mail will need an alternate form of notification to be invited to the baby shower. The invitations should be sent approximately 3 weeks before the baby shower.

Once the time and date are determined, a place must be selected to hold the baby shower. The cheapest place to have the party is at someone’s home, but the space has to be large enough for the guests to be comfortable. If a residential space is not an option, check with a local church which may rent out a social gathering space for a reasonable amount or donation. A shower can even be held in a banquet room of a local restaurant where the space is provided for free if you order from the menu. Most places will allow you to provide your own cake and decorations.

It is not required that you provide a full meal or luncheon during a baby shower, but many people like to have food. It is perfectly acceptable to serve only light refreshments to include cake, mints, nuts and punch. If your budget is quite limited, choose a time like early afternoon between lunch and dinner so people will not anticipate a meal being served. Many dishes can be homemade by the hosts of the party for a very low cost. Pasta, salads and sandwiches all go over very well at a shower.

Activities for the guests will include baby shower games, and a door prize can be given toward the end of the baby shower. Shop discount stores for items to give as prizes. Dish towels, DVD’s from the $5.00 bin, body lotions, kitchen gadgets and food are all good gifts that satisfy anyone who wins one of the games.

A baby shower normally lasts 2-3 hours. A short period of time to allow guests to visit and find their seats is a good way to begin the event. The hostess can provide a quick welcome to the guests and formally introduce the mommy-to-be and grandmothers. To make sure the party has a natural progression, a hostess can next guide the guests through playing the games. Once some fun has been had with the games, it is best to feed the crowd. As your guests are finishing with food or refreshments, the gifts can be opened. Opening the gifts is a very nice way to end a shower because if people have to leave, they can do so without feeling as if they are interrupting the flow of the baby shower. After the gifts are opened, those who are still in attendance can continue to visit and chat as the crowd disperses.