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How Social Media Benefits Companies

Now that people regularly connect online in ways not even imagined 10 years ago, effective new tools have emerged for businesses to reach more customers. Social media websites including Facebook and Twitter are for much more than sharing personal anecdotes; they are hugely important in attracting customers and bringing in qualified leads.

Wikipedia defines social media as “a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online.” Here’s how these conversations – which can be both targeted and immediate – can drive business success:

Let’s not overlook this important fact: social media tools offer precise monitoring of stats. The numbers will show when promotional activities or conversations are eliciting a strong response, or when things are not working as hoped and need to be modified.

An example of using Facebook for a business venture is to promote a seminar you’re hosting. You can easily announce the event, give it visibility amongst your followers and their followers, have conversations about it, and use the email function for follow up.

Twitter has unique application for sharing news and engaging in some fun activities with your audience. It’s ideal for hosting a contest or announcing a discount. Also, by giving tips or updates on important industry news, you can become established as a leader in your field.