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Hosting a Fabulous Children’s Tea Party

Gone are the days where a child’s tea party only involves a

solitary child and a table full of stuffed animals and empty

plastic tea cups!

which this article will briefly demonstrate.

A children’s tea party does not need to be limited to fancy

dresses, gloves, and quiet chit-chat around the table-


! If you are

interested in hosting multiple tea parties or creating one

special event,

. Tea parties can

focus around any of the following themes:

o Birthdays

o Seasons

o Holidays

o Special events (graduations, celebrations, etc.)

o Favorite things (dolls, stuffed animals)

o Special people (such as grandparents, friends)

o Much, much more!


and if possible, find invitations that are either theme-or

tea-related, such as cups and saucers or teapots.

Depending on your needs, you will need to have a certain

amount of supplies for the designated party, or, if you are

interested in hosting children’s tea parties as a business

venture, a variety of supplies. Some ideas include:

, and if you are able to

locate a variety of fun clothes (check local discount or pre-

owned clothing stores), children can pick and choose.

Faux jewelry and lots of fun hats are also good to have on

hand. If the party will be a one-time event, invite children

to come dressed-up on arrival.

While tea parties of old often made use of plastic tea sets,

consider looking into inexpensive china from second-hand

stores, friends or relatives.

Many tea parties will need additional activities to

compliment the time sitting at the table. Use your theme

for ideas, as well as these ideas:


(I’m a Little Teapot)


(or cup on the table, handle

on the cup)


(cup or teapot shaped)


(let the children show off their outfits)


(color paper tea pots, decorate a cup, etc.)


(incorporate the theme or use tea trays with plastic cups)


(filling teapots with water one cup at a time,

three legged races, etc.)

The food you choose to serve will depend largely on the

theme. If a traditional English or New England theme is

chosen, consider serving small sandwiches or delicate

cookies. A birthday theme may incorporate scones or

small cakes.

, utensils required (if any), and the overall

messiness of food.


Fruity or herbal teas are probably best (as opposed to real

teas which are stronger tasting and contain caffeine).

Have a few choices on hand so the children can

experiment. Also, even though it is a tea party, have some

non-tea beverages available just in case.


needed. For example, outside games may need indoor

counterparts in the event of bad weather. Have fun and