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Five Hosting Terms To Understand

In today’s lightening-fast virtual world, useful terms morph into “old hat” status in a heartbeat. This short list of some current terms and their meanings to remember will be useful, at least until they get tossed into the “old hat” file.

Sites targeting those who want adult content for their browsing pleasure are hot properties today and probably will be forever. Hosting these sites requires specific hosting attributes that might not be available elsewhere. Some hosting sites will not allow this content.

These sites require more bandwidth than normally used because of the large data transfer activity. Online payment options, protections (SSL) and large databases are characteristics of adult hosting sites.

When you own your own server and it is located within the hosting facilities of another provider, it is called co-location. The value of this type of hosting is that you still own your own server but someone else has to deal with the problems, including maintenance and downtimes. Perfect!

“Dedicated” means, in this context, that your hosting arrangement is based upon server hardware that is yours to exclusively use. Benefits of this type of hosting are faster loading and transfer rates. The expensive price tag on access to dedicated servers is definitely not a benefit.

Forget about the metal buggy that sounds like a derailed freight train you push around grocery stores. This shopping cart removes all personal contact between you and the customer wanting to buy something from your site. It allows customers to pile up their purchases in the “cart” and check out with their credit card. All you have to do is spend the money.

Your website and several others will be hosted together on a virtual server, sharing the virtual property with others, like you, who do not need their own dedicated hosting server.