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Cheap Hosting – Features Vs Requirements Vs Price

I searched on the net a lot for my hosting, got many hosts to see. Some of have much more features than others. As I saw more and more hosts, I was happy to have these features.

Which host I should go for? Should I go for host with most features? or Should I go for the host with less features (so, no complexity)?

You will find different hosts with many features. Some will offering all the features but quantity of each feature will be limited, others will be offering some features but the quantity will be unlimited.

First, make up your mind and create your list, Yes the requirement list. Then go up for hosts search again and compare various hosts and choose the host that satisfies your most of the requirements and is good.

I need a hosting, I searched for it. But got confused should I go for cheaper price or less features?

Know your Requirements first (Refer: Features vs Requirements), then compare among the hosts which are near to your requirements. Then choose among these hosts a cheaper one. For the cheap price hosting its all depend on your requirements. Smaller the requirements a cheaper host can be obtained.

If you are a newbie in buying a web hosting and do not have a large site. You will want to have just a simple site. Such a site can be a low traffic site like personal or few pages about you or your family or about your small business. So, in such cases you do not need many features.

If you want to have site with high traffic site then you need to have a site with more features and higher bandwidth and high uptime.