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How to Create a Squeeze Page From Start to Finish

What is a squeeze page? A squeeze page is a short version of a sales page. It is used to promote a product and capture the information of the subscriber.

When you promote a product it is important to have a very appealing sales pitch. Your squeeze page usually consists of a great headline which excites the buyer and shows benefits, a description of the product and a list of benefits. The benefits are much more than the product features; they tell the buyer what the product will do for him and why it would be the solution to a certain problem that it is aimed to solve.

The next thing that the squeeze page has is an opt-in form, where the subscriber will register his name and email address. This will add the information of the subscriber to your marketing list. This is a very important step as building your list is crucial in internet marketing. You will promote your future offers to your list.

To make edits to your squeeze page and add the opt-in form you use an HTML editor. There are many different editors, some which are free, such as NVU, which you can download easily on the internet. It is good to know some HTML code to create your squeeze page, but you really don’t need to know that much.

A simple HTML editor usually has a visual editor and a code editor. You can make most of your edits on the visual editor, which looks pretty much like Word. To insert your opt-in HTML code you do need to use your code editor. You can easily do this by inserting a certain word (such as OPTINCODE) on the visual page where you need your opt in code to appear in the page. Then you go to your code editor and look for that word that you inserted and replace it with the HTML code. That is the easiest way.

There are also places where you can learn HTML, which will of course be helpful for making additional web pages. An excellent resource would be W3 Schools Online.

You should call your squeeze page index.html. The index page is the one that is going to be opened when you go to a particular URL.

After you have inserted the code and made your revisions to your squeeze page, you have to use an FTP program to upload it to make it go live on the internet. There are also many free FTP programs available on the internet. I use Free FTP, and it works just fine.

You have to buy a domain and hosting for the domain before you put your webpage on your FTP program. You can purchase a domain name at HostMonster, GoDaddy, or many other online providers. There are also host providers, such as Hostmonster and Hostgator, where you pay a yearly fee to have your domain hosted on their servers.

Your domain needs to be active on your FTP program. You can place your squeeze page directly under your domain, or you can create a directory within your domain by opening a new folder under the domain name. In other words it could look like this [] or []

You then upload your squeeze page (index.html) along with the images file and any other files that came with it. You have to have everything together in one folder. Otherwise, your images will not appear on the page when you open it on the internet.

These are the simple steps to creating and viewing a squeeze page online. This is the basic knowledge you will need to create any other web page. It seems a lot at first, but once you have created one or two you will be able to go through the whole process in a matter of minutes.