Tmz 08 15 2013

Dedicated Server Against Shared Server Hosting

To create a website of your own, you will need a place where you can store all you web pages that contains information that you want people to see. To do that, you will need a web hosting service to publish your web pages online so that people who have internet can have a look at it. In the market today, there are 2 types of hosting which is much sought after, the dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Here is a simple comparison on both of them.

Shared hosting is a service where the server where you have your website hosted I shared among with other website owners as well. This type of service is widely popular because of its affordable price. Most newcomers consider this as their first option and it is also very suitable for small businesses. One shared server would be able to host thousands of websites. This limits the resource of the server but most customers are willing to accept that defect.

Everything in a shared hosting condition is shared. For instance the software, security but the server is managed by the provider. For the users, they are provided only with the fundamental controls like the control panel for their hosting accounts. As for the server, it is controlled by control panels like Helm or DirectAdmin which is considered more complex. Most of the shared hosting today uses Windows or FreeBSD. In order to more competitive in the market, they will use Linux operating system into their control panel.

The biggest benefit of shared hosting is the affordable price. With even the low price, users can get access to multiple databases, excellent tools for management, programming script and free software. The bad side of it is its lack of security and stability due to the huge amount of users in one server.

On the other hand, a dedicated hosting is a kind of hosting where the owner has the whole server for himself. Users of this server do not have to share space, bandwidth or resources with anyone else. This type of hosting is suitable for users who will have a huge amount of traffic. It also provides you the freedom to choose what software you want to use. Furthermore, you can host multiple domains if you want to.

With a dedicated server, you will get much better security because there is no other websites in your server. However, you will have to put more effort in the operations of you server so that it remains stable and secure. This is nothing to worry if you do not have the technical skills because hosting providers do provide technical support to aid you.