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Web Hosting Packages – What Kind of Server Do You Need?

Choosing a web site hosting platform boils down to three features: space, flexibility, and room for growth.

If you have a basic website set up to inform potential customers about your business and direct them to your contact information, a site without online ordering or form submissions, then a shared platform should meet your needs. However, if you are a Web professional operating more than one site or if you operate a dynamic site that has multiple product lines or needs several interfaces, you will be left pondering the next two options: using and maintaining your own dedicated server or considering a VPS platform.

A VPS uses virtualization software to parcel out physical servers into multiple virtual servers, each one offering the capability to run its own system and applications. Using a VPS is one level below utilizing an independent dedicated server. VPS may be an ideal choice for web developers and industry professionals that need to host several web sites, but is it a worthwhile investment for your company’s Web site hosting? If you are considering the need and investment for your own server or VPS hosting, the following questions may help:

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then a VPS platform or independent server are worth consideration.

Now that you know you have needs that surpass the capabilities of a shared hosting option, you can use the following features to determine whether you should opt for a VPS or invest in your own server:

Server Advantages

Server Disadvantages

If you have the budget and the technical capabilities within your organization to manage your own dedicated server, this is likely the route you’ll want to go. However, independent or small business web professionals and some companies will want to find a happy medium. They need more than the

available, but do not have the capabilities to house a dedicated server.

VPS web hosting packages offer these advantages:

VPS hosting gives the illusion of a dedicated server without the cost or responsibility of housing one yourself, making it an ideal solution for many growing companies and thriving web professionals.