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What Does Every Website Need? A Web Host!

What does every website need? A web host! Web hosting is the only way how to make your website visible to the internet users. Continue reading this article to get some tips how to put your website online without spending more money than necessary.

If you are going to run static website which consists of .html files only then you can easily select all your files on your computer and check out how much space they need. Many web hosts use dirty marketing tactics when they claim that they offer unlimited disk space. Everybody knows that hard disks cost money and something like unlimited space is not possible. So avoid these offers and rather pay for something reasonable.

The more visitors you expect the more data transfer you will need. It is not possible to say exact numbers but there is a simple formula which works for 99% websites — multiply the disk space by 10 and the result is the data transfer which you need.

Your web host should be able to register a domain for you. It may be also very useful if you can use email account like your-name (at) If you want to run some scripts (e. g. CMS or weblog) then make sure that your web host offers PHP support with MySQL database.