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3 Cost Saving Ideas For Business Conference Calling

Conference calling for small businesses serve different needs and purposes. But for the most part, it serves to connect multiple callers to a single telephone line in order to hold a distance meeting. Conference calling can take place over the telephone line, the Internet or even using cellular phones.

Using the regular telephone is still the most popular solution primarily because it merely requires telephone lines and no other devices. Callers do not need to be logged onto the Internet, and most conferencing companies provide a telephone number for callers to dial in. Once all callers dial the number, it will prompt the participants with an access code. The access code securely grants permission to callers only invited to participate in the meeting.

Conferencing using the Internet requires a headset with microphone. Depending on the conferencing solution, it will require additional software to be installed on the PC prior to calling. Free services, such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and Google Talk enable users to not only provide high quality audio, but also ability to send instant messaging. Every day, many conference calls freely take place using these solutions in all parts of the world, and for many business owners with computer familiarity should first explore this route for cost saving reason. For video conferencing, the Internet is the only option so far today.

The iPhone bridges up to 5 callers at a time and other cellular phone services can perform similar tasks. Contact the cell phone company for instructions on holding small and large conference calls.