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Simple Advice For Hosting a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is typically a female-only event. The bridesmaids together with close female friends and family of the bride have a social get together to congratulate the bride on her engagement.

The duty of hosting the shower generally falls to the maid of honor. This is not always possible so any close friend or relative of the bride can take on the job. Traditional wedding etiquette stipulates that relatives should not arrange it, but nowadays, this rule is usually forgone although the maid of honor still does the organizing in the vast majority of today’s events.

Only women who will be attending the wedding should be invited to the bridal shower. Although women from the bride’s side take up the majority of the guest list, it is also common for close female friends and family of the groom to be present.

It is important that no one is invited that the bride does not want to be there. You can always check with the bride about this, but the maid of honor or the bride’s mother should probably know the score, and mistakes such as this are rarely made.

Obviously the bridal shower should take place before the wedding, but exactly when is up to the maid of honor and is generally dependent on when guests can make it. To make sure as many people can make it as possible plan well in advance to give everyone plenty of notice. Keep in mind that for various reasons some people will simply not be able to attend so do not get too down hearted.

Where you host the party is really at your discretion. Popular choices are often restaurants or someone’s home. The maid of honor’s house is an clear option, but if for some reason its not possible, perhaps it is not big enough to hold the amount of people invited, the event can always be held elsewhere.

Arranging the bridal shower alone can be somewhat difficult so delegate jobs between various guests. The bridesmaids are generally an army of willing helpers and can be used to organize invites, make food and decorate the location.

The shower is an excellent opportunity for female friends of the bride and groom to get together and get to know each other better. Why not use a few fun games to break the ice, and great dinner conversation to make for memorable party?