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Stealth Profit Machine – Does It Really Work?

This program was developed by Chris Freville. The program itself was actually developed in Russia and is supposed to be very newbie friendly. This program is an affiliate marketing program.

I am a newbie and as the sales page assured no strings, no risk and the ability to set up in seconds with only three clicks of the mouse. I decided to purchase it.

The program saves hundreds of hours normally spent to create blogs. The program actually enables the automatic creation of blogs and is built for ease of use and functionality. The program also shows how to set up the getting of traffic directly to your own links or websites.

The Stealth Profit Machine is designed to use with WordPress and you would need a web hosting account and a domain name.

The Stealth Profit Machine recommends HostGator as the web hosting provider as a cPanel login is needed.

The program shows exactly how to set up a hosting provider and how to add domain names etc.

I found that I could not download the software to my computer and when I informed support I was told that there was sometimes issues downloading the software, which of course nullifies the whole thing. As a newbie the technical reasons as to why I could not download the software would have been above me even if I had been supplied with a reason which I wasn’t.

Actually, on looking at the videos I was convinced that it could have worked with a bit more work and research than was suggested.

I do think that you may need to be a bit more savvy than a newbie usually is.

I was able to get my money back when I could not download, so that was good.