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Time to Change Web Hosting? Some Thoughts

It is a regrettable fact of modern life, but in whatever field of specialization, a company that starts out providing satisfactory service will eventually display a noticeable degradation in the quality of service somewhere down the line. If you are currently signed up with a web hosting service provider, chances are you will eventually decide to terminate your contract in preference to another web host, due to increasingly poor performance on the part of your original provider. You may make an attempt to maintain your existing arrangement for as long as possible, but the time will inevitably come when it just won’t make sense to hold on anymore, and the best option available to you will be to jump ship, so to speak.

That being said, a number of factors will come into play that will have great bearing on your eventual decision. After all, it is no simple matter to uproot all your content from your present web host and transfer the entire lot to a new one. For one thing, you will have to decide when the right moment to make the change is. This is a particularly critical period as you cannot help but experience some down time when you decide to move to another server. You would have to time your move precisely in order to minimize the adverse effects of being unreachable for a while.

If you have a reasonably large web site that enjoys a fairly healthy number of hits every month, you run the risk incurring the ire of many of your visitors when they point their browsers to your site and find you gone. In this situation, a little public service announcement will be in order, to the effect that you are in the middle of a move and that you are asking for their indulgence while you get things up and running again. This is simply common courtesy and your visitors will surely appreciate being informed about what exactly is going on instead of having no clue whatsoever about why you are nowhere to be found.

The decision to change web hosting service providers will likely be born out of extreme dissatisfaction with your present host. But you have to weigh the implications carefully and consider if it would not be a better option to stick it out for the time being. This is a feasible plan if you feel that any problems that you are experiencing is temporary in nature and can soon be rectified by the host. Remember changing web hosting service providers is no small move and you are bound to run into some growing pains along the way.

If you do decide that it is time to move on however, you will have hopefully done your research as to the quality of service that your new web host can provide and have reached the conclusion that it would be to your advantage to make the change. Now is also the right time to determine if your new web host can help you make the transition as smoothly as possible.