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How Does Web Hosting Work and Do I Really Need a Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

So, how does web hosting work?  How do people really “find’ your website?

Web hosting is the means to storing all the information files that make up a website. Every page of every website needs to be stored as data files. How web hosting works is by storing these files in servers to be accessed by web browsers. Web hosting has become big business and can be confusing to people starting a website.

The first step is to select yourself a fancy domain name. Your domain will be the name of your new site so try and choose something on topic, shorter and to the point. You will register your domain name with the web hosting service provider that you choose so no one else can use your name.

How does web hosting work from here?

Now comes the technical part of everything works together and where you set the Domain Name Server information for your domain name. The DNS address uses your domain name and an IP address as the official “location” of your site. After all, all those files of data have to be stored somewhere, right? This address tells the internet browser where it’s stored.

Your site is officially set up on your end, so now how does web hosting work when you people try to access your site?

When someone types your domain name into their web browser, the browser follows the DNS address connected with the domain name. The DNS address tells the browser the IP address of the web hosting service provider you subscribed to. The web browser then uses that information to find the server that is housing your site’s data files. The data files are accessed and then displayed on the visitor’s browser.