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Monitoring Server Uptime

If you’ve ever looked for a web hosting service, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “99.99% Uptime Guarantee!” And if you’ve ever shopped for a car, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “True wholesale pricing to the public!” Take both with a grain of salt.

The fact is that with tens of thousands of web hosting services, many of whom are just reselling service from others, not everyone is going to actually deliver this kind of site uptime guarantee. For small business owners, website downtime can mean lost revenue and marketshare. For this reason, it is imperative to find a web host who can keep your content available to users at all times.

There are two ways to choose a host with excellent site uptime. Many business owners simply go with an established provider such as Yahoo Web Hosting. Yahoo web sites have been shown to have superior performance and reliability, thanks to Yahoo’s state of art hosting network and datacenters. In fact, Yahoo hosted web sites are powered by the same infrastructure as Yahoo Search.

If you already have a web host, you can use a third party monitoring service to constantly check your site’s uptime and receive instant email notifications if it ever becomes unresponsive. Popular uptime monitors include SiteUptime, InternetSeer, and Alertra. These services can closely and constantly monitor your web host’s performance, letting you act quickly if a problem arises.

To help you find a quality service, you can find reviews on third party sites. Cheap Hosting 101 offers comparisons and reviews of major hosts such as Yahoo, GoDaddy, and iPower, while resources such as HostIndex allow you to review lesser known companies.

Whoever you choose to host your business web site, it is critical that they not only promise – but actually deliver – excellent site uptime. Your customers will thank you.