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Web Hosting – 3 Different Types You Can Choose From

So you are looking for web hosting, huh? Well in this article I am going to talk about the different types of web hosting accounts that are available to you. There is virtual, reseller, dedicated and semi dedicated hosting accounts. We are going to talk about all of them in this article.

Firstly, let us look at the virtual account. Now you can pack a lot of this type of accounts on one big dedicated server. That is what ninety percent of the internet is made off, what is sometimes referred to as shared hosting accounts. These are the cheap ones that you find readily available at most companies online.

Secondly, let us take a look at the reseller accounts. This tends to be a little more expensive, but when you go deeper into it there are a lot more different shared hosting accounts within it. This type allows you to be able to resell the web hosting and hence have your own business.

Last, but definitely not least there is the dedicated server. This type tends to be the biggest of all of them, and is usually used for running websites of popular websites or even the big corporate companies. It is for websites that need a lot of bandwidth and a lot of storage space. More suited for websites like,,, and similar huge websites.

If you just own a personal website you are probably only going to need one shared hosting account. The reseller account is for those who want to resell web hosting space or share with friends and family. If you are planning on launching a gigantic website, then it is time to go for the dedicated server.