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Web Hosting Comparison Sites – Don’t Let Them Baffle You

Looking for a web hosting comparison site? There are so many different comparison sites out there–just how can one choose the best one? Many sites overwhelm you with information about so many different hosting providers that an apples-to-apples comparison about the features and benefits of the different hosting companies is just about impossible. The will have charts and tables with information, and articles interspersed with these laced through their site. Ugh! How could you possibly use a site like this to make the crucial, informed decision that you need to make to find a reliable, secure hosting provider?

You need a simple site with a straight-forward layout to find the web hosting comparison information that you need. If the site is excessively busy, what are the really trying to hide? Are they merely trying to distract you into choosing the most expensive hosting option they are featuring? You know the old saying, “If you can’t dazzle your customer’s with brilliance, baffle them with baloney.” Just because a comparison site offers fancy graphics, or flash animation doesn’t mean that the information they offer is any more valid than a simpler site that offers great information.

You shouldn’t have to pay to find a comprehensive review guide of the best web host providers online. There are many great web hosting comparison guides available free of charge online. A review guide should be independent and not sponsored by any particular hosting company. If you see a headline like “Web Hosting Comparison Sponsored by Big Hosing Company XYZ,” steer clear of it, as they are not providing you with any impartial information.

Web hosting review sites that provide reliable web hosting reviews and rankings should be one of the first resources that you turn to when making a decision about your web host. There are so many hosting companies out there bombarding everyone with ads on a daily basis, that it really is difficult to judge which one would fit your needs the best. You need to check that your future hosting provider gives you an uptime guarantee, (basically a guarantee that their servers won’t crash your site) doesn’t lock you in long-term contracts or make you put their advertising on your site in order to guarantee a low price for hosting. Find out how long the intended provider has been around–the longer, the better, as you can check on their track record for reliability and customer service.