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How Can I Get the Fastest Web Hosting Company For My CMS Website?

The fast propagating use of CMS (content Management Systems) on-line has been a blessing and a malediction at the same time. Millions of Joomla, WordPress and Drupal downloads make them the most popular among other Content Management Systems in the world.

This did not happen by pure luck. They are very solid platforms to create entire websites in a matter of minutes. They present the users with a good number of features that will help them to start a small business website or even go as far as developing entire communities and portals on-line with e-commerce capabilities. Many big and famous companies use one of these 3 solutions. As an example, the New York Times uses WordPress as the base platform for their portal.

The most attractive part of these CMS solutions is that they are FREE. Yes, they belong to the fast growing Open Source software movement around the world. You can download any of them, tweak it a little bit here and there, and that’s it. You have a brand new, professional-looking website. Fantastic! Not quite. Most of the time you have to upload the package to the server you are using -more likely- a big hosting company who attracted you by their ubiquitous advertisement. (We are not even mentioning here services you can get for what appears to be a very cheap deal. The only thing attractive about them, though, is the price. When it comes to computer technology, you get what you pay for). You will soon realize how painfully slow these companies are. But that is just the beginning.

Soon you will have to customize your Joomla, Drupal or WorPress website. The process then becomes a torture. You have to work online. Editions, changes, uploading of pictures, etc become a burden if the response of your CMS is slow. This is the case 95% of the time! Looking for a faster website hosting service is what comes to your mind immediately after playing with your CMS for a day or two. You will soon realize the importance.

Fast hosting companies belong to an emerging field. It could be tricky to find a really fast hosting company. There are too many factors involved in making a hosting company fast: Location of the data center, bandwidth of the network and data transmission, equipment involved -not just the processors used on the servers but overall infrastructure-, etc. Many companies advertise that they are fast. Anyone can say they are fast. Don’t fall into their trap. How can you really know the speed of one hosting company compared to another claiming exactly the same? It is virtually impossible.

Or it WAS virtually impossible, until an European company started a project aiming at testing and ranking the speed of web hosting companies around the world. It is unique the way they are testing and classifying them, and interesting to see how hosting companies are measuring up against the competition. Curiously, you will never see big names there. The truth is, big name hosting companies would be at the very bottom of the list. Fast hosting companies have one characteristic in common: Fast server speeds and fast support. They are usually small or medium in size.

Out of more than 3 thousand hosting companies registered, the top ten are a combination of companies from all over the world. There is an American company out of Dallas TX for months at the top of the list. They got my attention. The other 4 or five are usually European or Japanese companies with websites offering hosting in a foreign language. So I decided to try a company out of Dallas. After reviewing what they had to offer and finding them all the way to the very top of the list all the time. The difference in speed is like day and night.

My CMS website is not just fastest when downloading data and graphics to the browser, but working with it has become a delight. I find myself being more productive and literally having less headaches because before I was looking at my laptop’s screen for hours, now I spend less than half the time on it.

So if you own a CMS website and you are serious about working with it, and presenting the best to your audience, change to a faster webhosting company. They are usually fast with everything, even when helping to transfer your account to them!