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Best Web Site Host – And the Winner Is

So who is the best web site host? There are certainly a lot of contenders. There are new ones popping up every day it seems. It is an important decision if you are just starting out creating your first website. It’s important if you have an established business and website. Then again, is it?

What standards do we use to judge who is a good host, and who isn’t. Reliability is a main factor. You want your website to be online constantly, and chances are it most probably will be. All of the top sites use excellent servers and technology to keep the site up. Most of the common hosts boast up time of over 99%. Now a tech freak may argue that one server is faster and more reliable than another, but there e is really no need for that since all the specifications are close to identical. So if these sites are running fast and staying online, there is really no need to discuss who makes the machinery.

Features are another important factor. As in most situations, the more the better. Unlimited space is a good thing, and most hosts offer it. Multiple or unlimited email accounts is desirable and once again, they all offer it. A free domain name is essential but believe it or not, in this respect there are a few small differences. Most hosts offer a free domain but a few add a small extra charge on for that. So, finally a small difference. Why pay extra for a domain name, when it can be included. A few even offer a domain for life, which is something to be considered.

Another important part of the features is the applications the host offers. You certainly want a host that offers the best website creation software. You want to have applications for blogs, forums, newsletters and more. Two of the most popular programs for content management are WordPress and Joomla, and they all offer them. If you are looking to build a photography site, you will want good gallery programs, and you guessed it, they all offer them.

Support is very important. It may be the most important factor. If you are just starting out you will need help with configuration and the creation of the site. Once again, all of them offer 24/7 support by phone, email and even instant chat. With a website, you want help immediately, not days later. I think the best way to judge support is by user reviews. Every host is going to have one or two people that are unhappy, that’s true with every service. However, if you find many reviews and the majority of them are positive, chances are you will be happy also.

Finally we come to price. Pricing to own your own website has never been better. The hosts are battling it out for your business and prices generally range from $40.-$200 a year. There are many hosts to choose from for under $50.00 a year.

So with all that in mind, who is the winner? We are. The web hosts are constantly upgrading and adding new features while bringing their prices down. They all offer a great bargain. Owning your own website is very reasonable and well within the reach of almost everyone. Though there may be no clear winner, all of the hosts are offering so much, for so little.