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Common Concerns About Free Web Hosting Services

Since web hosting services are imperative in order to establish an online presence, the competition in the hosting industry is becoming fiercer by the day. While free web hosting is not a novel approach towards reaching a wider audience, it is a good option for the novice user who needs to get a feel of the hosting business as well as gets to establish an online presence amidst the vast galactic web.

If you have decided that you do not want to ay a single dime to have your website hosted, you need to first equip yourself with certain facts and figures as well as understand what you are getting yourself into.

First of all, it is important to understand that free web hosting could be an ideal option and hosting solution for users who own a personal website or just simple web pages that require no database interaction, large storage or transfer requirements.

The typical features of a free web hosting include minimum storage space, no MySQL databases, no databases, delayed or no customer support, and most commonly loads of advertisements (in the form of banners or text ads or flashing text ads, pop-ups, floating ads and more) on your web pages. Also, your web page may also include a footer which is essentially the web host’s company information and equates as the company’s advertisement on your web page. This feature is the most intrusive of all and could lend a feel of unprofessionalism for your website.

Free web hosting therefore is therefore not recommended if you plan to carve a professional image on the Internet. For websites that require more features and tools, but still do not want to risk too much on a hosting package or company, then budget hosting could prove to be a safe alternative.

With free web hosting, the user may need to compromise on various aspects of a web hosting account. Free web hosting accounts are essentially restrictive and do not allow much room for growth. So if your website has a potential for growth, then even if you opt for a free hosting package, ensure that your hosting provider offers an easy and convenient upgrade of your hosting account. It is highly advisable to read the Service Agreement of the company in its entirety to avoid any kind of future complications that would lead to losses and unwanted problems.