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Ways to Get Unlimited Bandwidth From Your Website Hosting Providers

When launching a website two considerations apply: web hosting space and the bandwidth. Whenever visitors open a page, the size of file that is opened or downloaded represents the amount of data that is transferred. More the number of visitors, more the data that will be transferred, eating up the bandwidth allocated to you along with your hosting plan. Then there comes a time when you reach the limit and your site is blocked or you are billed for the excess bandwidth used. In such cases having the option of unlimited bandwidth is desirable. There are honest web hosting service providers and the unscrupulous ones. Straightforward ones clearly state the hosting space and bandwidth allowed.

Then there are those who offer unlimited bandwidth but modify this with several conditions and limitations so that in effect the unlimited offer is a qualified one, usually not ‘unlimited’ in the true sense of the term and usually more of a marketing gimmick. Hosting services know full well that not all clients will utilize the full bandwidth allocated to them and that the lines through, which their servers are connected to the internet backbone, may not permit high speed or unlimited traffic so they are safe in making such offers. Effectively, consider unlimited bandwidth promise as unrestricted to a large extent and definitely not infinite.

The question to ask oneself is does one really need unlimited bandwidth? Consider a popular video-sharing site like YouTube. It is visited by thousands every hour who download videos and such sites need a formidable bandwidth. But does yours? A site has to be very popular with a large number of visitors and traffic to need ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. There are hosting companies who feature in top 10 web hosting service providers and offer unlimited bandwidth but with some provisos thrown in. One way to extract unlimited bandwidth from hosting service providers is to use a trick. Hosting-service providers use shared IPs and keep track of the domain name and direct it accordingly. Bandwidth is metered by domain.