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Details About HostMonster

If you are actively involved in the web hosting industry, you will definitely know that there are countless of web hosting companies out there. One of the companies that we will mention in this article is HostMonster, founded in 1996, this company is managed and owned by the people who are running BlueHost. So far, there are already more than 350,000 domains registered on HostMonster.

They provide cheap hosting packages starting with just $5.95 a month. This package comes with 300GB of storage space and 3,000GB of data transfer. It also comes with unlimited domains, free search engine submissions, 5000POP/IMAP email account, SSL, FTP, SSH (Secure Shell), CGI, Ruby on Rails, Front Page Extensions, Perl, MYSQL and many more. That is a lot with a small price tag to pay.

According to the package, you can see that this company is a serious player in the industry because it does not look like a company that is here for a quick buck and disappear after a year or two. HostMonster provides excellent customer support using high-end equipment to guarantee uptime. Their package also comes with various administration tools and features for any website needs.

Quality service is what they want to provide.Their customer service is very helpful because they have a forum that can help not only a newbie but also the experts. Users of HostMonsters can interact with one another in the forum to help each other solve questions that they might have gone through. Now, a company without confidence will not do something like this.

Customers’ satisfaction is their main goal and that is why they have superb technical support provided to their users. They have a 24/7 support to answer any question no matter if it is regarding troubleshooting, business development, affiliate issues, sales and so on. So, one will never have to worry about not getting support if they choose HostMonster.

So, if you are in the market searching for a provider, this company can definitely be in the list of your choice because it is definitely one of the strong players in this industry.