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Types of Web Site Hosting – Virtual Hosting

There are a lot of approaches towards how to make a good division of web sites hosting. Particularly, according to the purposes they distinguish web sites hosting, forums hosting and files hosting. Also hosting can be paid and free. In the first case the site hosting is free, but the project owner is very limited in services and resources. In case when hosting is paid the site capabilities directly depend on how much one paid for them. In this article we will try to know better about one of the most popular hosting division, according to is hosting can be: virtual website hosting, dedicated server and virtual dedicated server. Also we will look through the aspects of php hosting and mysql hosting.

Virtual website hosting

It is very easy to imagine virtual website as a house where all inhabitants use common conveniences: water, porch, gas, heating, etc. In this case server is a house and several sites are inhabitants. Several sites use service of a hosting company, they use common resources of the computer, for example, software and connection channel with the Internet. Virtual website hosting is not an expensive kind of hosting which suits to the majority of middle size sites. But it is important to remember that virtual hosting imposes some limitations. For example, each project has its own limits for usage of server resources.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server has one more name “physical hosting”. For serving a site a hosting company gives a particular server, resources of which only the mentioned site can use. This allows to provide a stable working process of big projects which are visited by thousands of people daily. Physical hosting costs much more than virtual hosting but completely removes limitations on software and technologies usage. A client of a hosting company can place their own server on the hosting provider territory. The computer is connected to the Internet and will be operated by the hosting company members. This service is called co-location.

Virtual dedicated server

Virtual dedicate hosting is something between a virtual hosting and dedicated server. There is one server where several projects are located, but each uses only resources opened for their particular program. Accordingly, resources of one project can not be used for another one. Virtual dedicated server allows to use its own software, and besides to administrate the server.

Php hosting and mysql hosting

Another way to divide hosting types is according to resources and technologies provided for a site owner. Hosting with php support is given first. Nowadays it is almost impossible not to have that technology, that is why php hosting is the most popular. If it is planned to use a forum on the site, it is important to get mysql support. This technology allows to create data bases. Though, its sphere of usage is much wider and is not limited with forums creation, that is why in most cases php hosting supports mysql data base.