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How The Super Bowl Was Born

If you are from America, then you would definitely know what the Super Bowl is all about. Even if you are a not, it is a cinch that you have probably know or have at least heard of it. It is the NFL’s or National Football League’s championship game.

Along with it comes Super Bowl Sunday, which is made up of the Super Bowl itself plus the other festivities related to the event. Over the years, it has been the U.S. television broadcast, which is most-watched and is almost considered as an actual national holiday of the U.S.

Additionally, lots of famous musical artists have given great performances at the pre-game ceremonies and the halftime ceremonies of the Super Bowl. It is also the second of the days with the most food consumption in the States – the first would be Thanksgiving.

The first game of the Super Bowl was played on the 15th of January in 1967. Back then, it was a part of an agreement made between the AFL or the American Football League or the AFL and the NFL. Basically, each of the league’s championship teams would be playing against each other on the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game”.

In 1970, the two leagues eventually merged and the Super Bowl ultimately became the championship game of the NFL.

The Super Bowl makes use of Roman numbers for game identification instead of the year when it was held, as the season of the NFL usually extends past New Year’s Eve.