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How to Host a Website – 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to host a website can seem very confusing with a lot of education involved, however, there is a simple way to host a website yourself. Follow this 3 step process.

If you want to host a website, or perhaps many multiple sites, then you need to put your files on a “server”. These files then are put on the web from the server. Web hosting companies have many servers and they rent out space.

If you just are starting out with a basic website (or multiple websites), a “Shared Plan” is probably the way you want to go. This means you share space on the server with a lot of other clients.

Good web hosting companies will allow you to host unlimited domains, put unlimited memory on your sites, use unlimited band-width, etc… Look for the words “unlimited” in the features and you know that you won’t run into extra charges in the future by exceeding any limits.

A good hosting company will give you a free domain for life when you sign up for their plan. Choosing a domain is a process that you want to put a lot of thought into.

If you have a website about “Goat Cheese Wheels”, then maybe a good site would be called Goat Cheese Or maybe you want to make a catchy name instead.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way to upload your website files onto the server that you now have access to since you purchased a plan. These FTP software can be free to download and use. A good one for a PC is “FileZilla” and a good one for Mac is called “CyberDuck”. These will come in handy when you need to transfer files to the server.

Believe me, you aren’t the only one! The most important step is to choose a great hosting company that can show you everything you need to do. Not only that, they can DO most of it for you. That’s their business.