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4 Steps to Starting Your Own Writing Business

The writing Business is huge. Just ask the thousands of successful writing agencies online, and they will tell you how many clients they get. This has a lot to do with the explosion of the Internet over the past couple of years. Thanks to Google’s new strict ‘duplicate content’ policy, webmasters can no longer benefit from having clone articles plastered on their websites. So, this is good news to writers and owners of writing agencies. This means site owners will be looking for quality content that is original. That’s right; if webmasters want to make money with their sites, they either have to fork over the cash to writers to upkeep their content, or write the articles themselves; this can be pretty hard to do since most website owners have multiple sites and may not have the time to manage them all. Here are 4 simple steps to starting your own writing Business:

Create Your Website- You don’t have to be technically gifted to start your own writing website. When I first started my own writing agency, I just got an account with Hostgator (only $10 per month with no contract) and used the simple site builder. There are a couple of things to consider when starting your writing website; you will need a place to provide writing samples and testimonies. The testimonies are needed because of the bad name many writing agencies get and it will only prove to sell your Business even more. If you don’t have writing samples to include in which you worked for a previous client, then you will need to create some. These samples are only to provide the client with some type of proof of the quality of your writing. You can also outsource writers for these writing samples if you are too busy to create them yourself. Make sure your contact information is in clear view, and you will also need to create a order request form so clients can make writing assignment requests directly from your page. One thing I noticed is that you should also state whether you use Escrow services or not.

Get The Tax Forms- Whether you will be hiring employees is the only time you will need to get tax forms. This is if you outsource your writers. If you will be putting your writers on a salary, which they will be paid hourly for their services, then you will need to get a Business License and/or tax ID. This is so you can provide your writers with a W-2 form for tax season. If you will be paying your writers based on commission (which is recommended), then they will be hired as contractors and will need a 1099 form.

Find and Hire Your Writers- This is one of the most easiest steps of them all. Finding writers are easy since there are so many qualified writers who are waiting for a chance to start their career. The best to find them would be at Craigslist (a free classified ad site). Just write an ad claiming you are looking for writers and put the name of your writing agency to make the writers trust you more. Then, make sure you state for the writers to e-mail over their resumes and writing clippings. Also, do an interview over the phone with all of them to tell them what you expect and all about your company.

Advertise Your Site- Now that you have your writers and your website up and going, you will need to get traffic to your site. This is not an easy task to say the least. You will need to get backlinks to your site by participating in forums, blog discussions and writing articles for other sites. This process will not happen overnight, but in about one week, you will see yourself getting clients.