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The Expanding World of Gaming Consoles

Wii is one of the most advanced gaming systems in the market. “Wii” has come to be known as the console for just about everybody.

Wii stands out from the various gaming systems in the market. It is not about blowing up aliens. Nor is it about racing cars. Rather, it makes use of a stress calmer technique known as yoga. This technique has mushroomed various games, including the Konami Digital Entertainment that had recently displayed its digital yoga instructor during Asia’s largest video game expo.

The trend points to getting more and more people to try gaming consoles by breaking the stereotype of video games. A new type of video gaming called “casual” games appeals to older gamers. These games are lifestyle-oriented, meaning it is more appealing for mature people who don’t find slaying monsters as something worth their while.

This new kind of gaming is also in line with the growing concern of people regarding their health. According to Konami’s Katunori Okita, their company believes it is beneficial to more people if they introduce games designed to make users more physically fit, as well as give another dimension to the gaming industry.

The digital yoga instructor is a virtual guide for yoga enthusiasts. It guides users on all the moves, provides tips on how to stretch, and even keeps a daily record of the user’s activities. It is available for $35.

These games contribute to an estimated $30 billion a year, with a significant share in Japan and South Korea.