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Differences Between Personal and Business Web Hosting

There are many web hosting subscriptions being offered. They commonly fall into two categories: personal hosting and business hosting. Personal website hosting is more affordable and basic; business website hosting costs more but has added features. Below are some questions that you can ask yourself when trying to select between the two:

Do you intend to market your products and services? Do you like to blog about your thoughts? Are you planning to show off your artistic side? The purpose of your website is the primary factor in deciding on your web hosting subscription. If you have no time to consider all the aspects, just purchase personal hosting if your website is for personal use, and get business hosting if your website is for business.

Personal plans have simpler features than business plans. Determine your requirements in terms of disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, email accounts, FTP accounts, and more. If you are running a large business, you will likely need the features and resources that come with business hosting. If you want to share your creative side with your friends, you might not need unlimited MySQL databases or a thousand email accounts — so personal website hosting would be a better option.

Of course, making a business website does not automatically oblige you to select business hosting. If you’re creating a basic catalogue website for a small business, personal web hosting might be more significant for you. However, if you’re building an e-commerce or community site, business plans do provide additional resources and security features that would benefit you and your site visitors.

SSL certificates are mostly supported by business hosting, but not personal hosting. An SSL certificate enables encryption of data during online transactions. This translates to better security for your website. If you have an online store processing credit card payments, or if your site retrieves sensitive details from your visitors, it’s better to avail of business hosting with SSL support. In the end, the decision really depends on your specific needs.