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What is the Importance of Up-Time Availability in a Web Hosting Server?

What is the importance of up-time? Up-time is the availability of any particular website to be accessible by anyone at any one time. The longer the time which any visitors are able to access the website, the higher the potential business sales would be. Some companies are so critically dependent on online marketing to promote their business that even one minute down-time would cause them thousands of dollars. Up-time mean the duration which your web-site is fully operational and had no issues for anyone to come viewing or accessing the website at any one time.

A web host provider which is able to provide a 99.95 up-time is likely to gain more new customers and also retain their existing customers as compared to another web host provider with approximately 99.94% up-time. With today’s competitive business and competition, even a slight 0.01% increase in downtime per month will have significant reduction in the revenue gauged from online business as the difference of 0.01% represent 4.4 minutes of additional downtime which the web host provider need to bear.

The up-time of the web hosting server also ‘represent’ the company’s reputation as the public will perceive the level of reliability for that particular company base on this criteria. I am sure that no one would want to sign up for a web host provider who had frequent website or server downtime, right? Ideally, any good hosting company would at least sustain their up-time records of 99.7% to make themselves more competitive in this industry.

Almost every web host claimed themselves to have a good up-time records, the fact is that these are not always true. If you are a new user who is looking forward to get yourself an excellent website host it would be great if you can seek for web host reviews for each web host on their up-time performance and tracking records for the last 2 years.

Also we are not living in a perfect world, therefore having zero downtime is totally impossible. Even the most efficient company will experience server downtime once in a blue moon. Any company having their server up-time which comes close to 99.9% is too good a bargain. At the same time, there is approximately 0.1% of unexpected downtime which possibly happened to the any great server, the key is the availability of the web host provider in bringing up its server as soon as they possibly can to minimize the potential negative impact to its clients.

Last but not least, here are some key tips on assessing the quality and reliability of the web provider in keeping up with their up-time guarantee;

– Prioritize on the quality and not quantity. Proactive is better than reactive. Do not give in to any of these providers even if they offer to compensate for the down time; instead a good web provider will put in their attention and effort to enhance their server to alleviate any possible downtime in future as the ultimate goal for the long run.

– Give faith to providers who are willing to invest in their new hardware as this is one of ways to support the overall operation and activities of the website.

– Try to seek comments from some of the world renowned web host reviewers for any particular web hosting provider for their feedbacks which are professionally cited with well defined justifications and reasoning for each of their comments.