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Web Hosting Company Reviews For the Beginner

Web hosting company reviews

1 – What is a Web Host

A web hosting company is a company that owns dedicated servers where they list and host web pages of their members. Most Hosting Companies will also have services like e-mail, Website building tools, c-panel, security functions, SSL certificates as well as Domain registration.

2 – Benefits of a Web Hosting Company

With a web hosting company you can safely have your own little piece of the web where you can launch your very own web site. This web site can be about anything you want it to be. It can be about Business, Your Family, Sports, Shopping, Online Marketing, Advertising, etc. the only limit is your imagination. A Web Hosting Company normally offers features like shopping carts, surveys and much more features that you can add to your website.

3 – How will a Hosting Company help

First off they take out the headaches of launching your very own web page. They make sure that no one else on the web can have your registered domain name on their site. Most of them guarantee 98% or above availability of your web page. They make it easy to move between your registered domains that you have running with them – Some companies has over 40 different domains registered.

4 – Personal thoughts about a Hosting Company

Choose wisely before you register with a hosting company. They should offer you the following to be of any use. Must have a 98% or higher availability. Must have a website builder. Offer you a shopping cart option. Give you a SSL certificate. e-mail account plus domain certification.

Plus you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg for hosting there are cheap ones out there that completely satisfies the need of 90% of users out there.

5 – How to join a Web Host Company

Step one is to first find a web host that will suit your needs. Don’t select that most expensive package the company you choose offers if the basic package will do the job you need.

Step two is to register a domain name. Make sure your domain name is something that will catch they eye and is in line with the web page you would like to design. Don’t call your domain Horses.com when you’ve got a web page that is all about gardening.

Step three is to look through what different plans the web host company offers and select the one that fits your need. Then go ahead and join with the pan that suits your needs.

Step four is to build a web page. A lot of the hosting sites out there give you an option of building your own web page with internal web page building programs or you can get a company to build one for you at a price of course.

Step five is to launch your page. Make sure to test your page before you launch it. Make sure everything works and fix mistakes before you launch your page. Then after your page launch go visit your site and make sure it looks and works like you want it to. Some page design programs the web page looks different after you launch it than it looked while you edited it.

Step six is to get your web page listed with the major search engines. Then you need to start whatever type of advertising you want to to promote your web page.

Step seven. Take a deep breath and smile. Now you own your very own little piece of the web.