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Benefits You Can Reap From Using CPanel Web Hosting

First and foremost, let me explain briefly about cPanel and how you can use it in web hosting for those who have not heard about it before. It is basically a control panel which controls all the application within the web page. It is a Linux based program with user friendly graphic interface. The layout and control are similar to Dreamweaver, but however the functions differ. By using cPanel, you can forget about coding, because everything is using mouse movements and normal point and click procedures. This gives the user or webmaster a simple tool to host their site, install and uninstall applications into their webpage.

Basically it makes use of tier 3 website structure. This structure enables each user of the web page, admin, reseller and visitors of the site control certain aspects of the web host depending on type of access they have. A normal visitor may have limited access on Cpanel whereas a webmaster has full access to all the functions in the control panel and the web page. The control panel can be accessed over the internet using a specific URL.

One of the best features of cPanel is that, besides having a good user interface, it has command line tool and API function which in geek speak lets any third party suppliers and anyone who have some understanding of its code to add their own automated functions or even their own processes, as long as they have been granted the access by the administrator. Beside being stand alone application, the control panel basically has been designed to support various operating systems, virtual and dedicated server. Apart from that, it also comes with Web Hosting Manager which enables anyone to access the web host and makes changes easily. The popularity of this application is growing as more and more people are using it to host their web page.

Most important contributing factor for this fact is the user interface of the cPanel, which makes it really user friendly that anyone will be able to use it without any problems. The application had undergone many improvements over the years since its first release where it was full of bugs and was facing many compatibility issues. Now it has progressed tremendously, and became one of the most preferred products in the market. If you research in depth, you will find that most of the hosting services offer it as part of their standard hosting package. Besides that, it also has automatic update function which enables the product to update itself automatically whenever there is a new release.