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What is the Weakness of Free Web Hosting?

There is nothing called cheap and best and that is very true as far as free web hosting services are concerned. Even though free hosting provides lots of great features and benefits, there are also some disadvantages which one should be aware of before registering for these web hosting packages.

The disk space is limited with free web hosting. There are free hosting providers who provide a disk space of only five to ten MB while there are some who go up to thirty MB. There are a few who also go up to one thousand MB but that is really an exception and you would not find many people offering such disk space.

The bandwidth is also limited and it would be usually in the range of three to five GB per month. And if there are any free hosting providers found guilty of allocating more than this space, then there is a good chance of them being shut down by the concerned people.

There are strict rules and regulations as far as CGI scripts execution or installation is concerned. There are some free hosting providers who provide pre-installed CGI scripts like guest book, clock, form processor, etc. But most of the free web hosting service providers do not allow the running of such CGI scripts.

There are some restrictions on the file types to be used with these free hosting service providers as well and not every file type is supported by them. HTML, Flash, Java, etc. are some of the file types that are being supported. It is therefore important that whenever you sign up for the service of such free hosting service providers, you are very sure as to what are the types of files that are being supported by these service providers.

There is also a limit to the size of the file and it is usually in the range of three to five mega bytes. These free web hosting services are not reliable and that could be seen in the kind of speed they provide. Not only are they slow in their speed but there are also very good chances of the service being shut down without appropriate warnings. Such shut downs are very rare though.

Moreover the customer service is also not that great and one should not expect to get proper responses from such free hosting providers if they experience problems with their services in the future.