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Hide Affiliate Links and Track Unique Clicks With This PHP Cloaking Script

A few months ago, I started promoting affiliates on several websites. I spent a lot of time building sites and promoting links…but sales were slow. Sure I got the occasional bite. But I didn’t seem as successful as everyone else. After looking deeper, I realized my commissions were being stolen. That was the day I started using this software to protect my affiliate links. Since then, my sales have improved and I’ve even learned a few things along the way.

The problem, unfortunately, starts with Clickbank. Let me explain the scenario. Someone reads your affiliate sales page and prepares to buy your Clickbank product. They click the link and realize they’re being swept off to Clickbank so instead of using your Affiliate ID, they close the browser and purchase using their own. They save a few bucks and your hard earned work goes down the drain.

I’ve been there and it’s truly frustrating.

After substantial research I found out there are 2 ways of protecting or cloaking your affiliate link. The hard way and the easy way.

The hard way includes building one PHP or HTML redirect page per affiliate link. That means you could potentially end up with hundreds of HTML/PHP files in your subdirectory. This makes it difficult to manage or cloak your affiliate links.

The easy way is well, easy. It involves setting up a password protected administration area that talks to a database and safely stores all your affiliate links and clicks. Unfortunately, most people don’t have hundreds of dollars to pay a programmer.

That’s where PHP Link Cloaker comes in. It’s already been programmed and set up to work out of the box with nearly every linux web host including Dreamhost, Hostgator, Lunarpages, Bluehost and more. And it even tracks your unique visitor clicks. as if that isn’t enough, PHP Link Cloaker can also be used on an unlimited number of websites.

: Win-win for everyone except the bad guys.

Save your commissions and hard work. Visit the link below.