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How to Build and Host Your Own Website

With the convenience of internet today, almost everyone will turn to it when they are in need of something. If we are searching for the meaning of a word, we will search it in Google. Most people would not go find a dictionary anymore. To build a website, it is actually very simple. You have to begin with a template, get a reseller account, configure some settings and start making money from it. However, like many other things, it is easier said than done.

Firstly, you must get a suitable template to use because you will use it to describe your services or products if you have any. After that, you will have to use software like WHM to configure the settings so that the orders of the web hosting can be automatically received by the client. This procedure is important and it has to be done with care so that the whole process is pleasantly carried out.

Having it set up, it has now come to the part of selling. With the competition in the market, many people will check out the web hosing company’s website in order to have an idea about the company. In my opinion, the price is what matters to them most. Therefore, a solid marketing plan must be set up to get more customers.

Once you have the customers, the next move is to keep them with you. Therefore, this is where support and service comes in. clients will expect a lot from because they are paying for their service. Therefore, 24 hours a day seven days a week of support is essential to keep the clients satisfied with your service. If you fail to offer this, the clients will move on and look for other companies because there are just too many providers out there. As for larger hosting companies, they will hire technicians to handle the service and support. Therefore, until your company is huge enough, you will just have to do it yourself.

For a huge website for big companies, they will usually go for dedicated hosting because they need the sufficient amount of disk space and bandwidth to support the number of clients in their company. With dedicated server, the cost will be higher but the speed, response time, reliability and security is all superior to a shared hosting server. Therefore, the price tag for a dedicated server will be relatively higher than shared hosting.

So, dedicated server is usually an option for a large organization. For companies that do not require such high specification, shared hosting should work fine for them. No matter which type of hosting a company decides to use, they must know what their need is and the most important part is to get the kind of service for what they are paying for. You do not want to pay more for what you don’t need because you will be losing money in the end and you also don’t want to go for cheap plans that will jeopardize you image and company. So choose wisely.