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Resale Rights Products – How to Cash in Big With Resale Rights

Are you thinking of creating your own product but don’t know where to start? Resale rights are an awesome way for you to get started owning your own product that you can sell almost immediately. Basically, resale rights products give you the license to sell them on your own website and pocket 100% of the profits.

Here’s how to get started quickly:

This step is obvious. You need a product to sell. Do a search for ‘resale rights products’ or ‘resale rights membership’ on Google. The best thing you can do may be to joint a resale rights membership site that provides you with new products every month.

Set up a hosting account and register a domain name for your product. I get my hosting accounts from Vexxhost and HostGator and my domain names at Name dot com. Namecheap is another good choice for domain name registration.

These days, it is a breeze to set up a merchant account. Paypal is the easiest way to go and it’s free. You can set up a new account and within minutes, have a payment button and your website and start selling. Clickbank is another option, but the approval process can be long.

The plus points of resale rights are that you don’t have to create a product or write a sales letter (most resale rights products come with ready-made sales letters). You can plug them on to your web host straight away and start selling them.