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What Are the Key Limitations of Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting has increasingly become one of the most popular choices for today’s web users in terms of web hosting options because of its competitiveness. A shared hosting is usually equipped with excellent customer service, where you can easily get someone to fix the issues if any problems arises for shared hosting relies heavily on providing its best customer service support to stay competitive in this web hosting business.

However as with many other internet services, there are both cons and pros sides of any web host services. By assessing and understanding clearly on the positive and negative aspects of shared hosting, users will be able to analyze and ascertain if shared hosting is the best type of web service for their website used or otherwise.

Here are some of the key limitations of shared host services which I have compiled to share here,

1. Very often, virtual hosting had been advertised as ” Unlimited bandwidth and databases, high storage capability etc, many customers were attracted with this offer, not realizing that the level of bandwidth with its databases as well as its how much of a storage capability in any web hosting provider actually depends on the amount of usage consumed by each of the web hosting customers. If any of the customers whom had registered under yourself overrun its allowed bandwidth or database, not only affecting the overall performance of the web hosting plan, but yet you may have your account deactivated and the whole server will need to come down immediately.

2. Perhaps its most significant downside of a shared host provider is the poor security features and control that it has. The risks of security breaches and hackings increased because multiple users and entitles are allowed to access the server.

3. Shared hosting also has the problem of limited resources for it is not liable to provide all of the necessary resources to its users at all times. You will soon discover that if the other web users are using the resources of the server, the resources will have a detrimental effect and this pose as a key constraint to any other users on the same server because all of you are unable to get the necessary resources in such situation, at that moment.

4. At the same time, the practice of over-selling in the shared web hosting industry had many of the websites users hesitate to have themselves sign up with any of these shared hosting provider for fear that they might not be able to enjoy the necessary benefits and features that they supposed to be allocated.

5. Also worth mentioning is that, with shared hosting, every user will be allocated with the same amount of bandwidth and disk space. Getting additional bandwidth and disk space is extremely difficult in the case of shared hosting.

6. Lastly, with a shared hosting, you will not have the luxury or anatomy to install your preferred software and application into the server. Instead you will have to utilize whatever software provided by the web host provider.