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Deciding When to Switch to a Dedicated Server

Moving from shared web hosting to a dedicated server is a big step and is a decision that should be carefully thought out, the switch should only be made when it is really necessary and full consideration should be made to all of the factors which we will discuss within this article.

You need more space – If your site allows visitors to upload videos, music or images eventually you will run out of space on a shared web host, many shared hosting packages may allow unlimited storage, but in practice this is far from the case.

You need more bandwidth – For most webmasters the decision to upgrade and rent a dedicated server is made when their web site which is hosted on a shared web hosting package starts to reduce in performance this is generally due to an increase in traffic, either:

a. To their site.

b. To others sites on the same server.

If your web site starts to drop off in performance and you don’t see any increase in traffic, the other sites on your server are probably to blame.

You need a bigger slice or total use of the CPU – You share the use of the CPU (the brain) on a shared server if other sites on your server are running memory hungry or complex programs they can severely affect your site performance, if your start to notice a drop in performance or server time outs, this could be the problem.

You want a dedicated E-commerce solution – You are able to afford your customers much more privacy with a dedicated server and Dedicated SSL

If you make enough money to make it worth it – It sounds simple but dedicated servers are much more expensive. However as covered in my previous article ‘Dedicated Servers: The Pros and Cons’ having your own IP address can have such a positive impact on your search engine rankings that the cost of upgrading to dedicated server web hosting is completely out weighed by the increase in targeted traffic you receive.