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Yes, You Can Make Money Hosting a Designer Purse Party

What woman can resist the lure of a designer handbag? A designer handbag has a special aura that makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit. Have you ever thought about turning this passion for purses into a money-making business? Because designer purses are in such high demand, they can provide a lucrative source of income for a motivated entrepreneur. One of the best ways to profit from purses is to host a designer purse party.

What is a designer purse party and how can it make money for you? You’ve probably heard of home parties where groups of people, usually women, get together for an evening of socializing, fellowship, and fun, while discovering new products. A designer purse party is simply another version of the home party where you’re selling designer handbags instead of cosmetics, kitchen products, or baskets.

Here’s a secret you may not want to tell your friends or your closest business competitors. Designer handbags sell much better at home parties than these other products. Why? Because few people can resist making a purchase after they touch the soft leather and catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror while holding one of these special bags.

The home party environment provides the perfect setting for making money with designer handbags. It’s a relaxed, friendly alternative to the crowded shopping mall where women feel rushed and pressured to make a decision without having the opportunity to fully understand the benefits. At a designer purse party, a woman can leisurely browse among the various handbag options, feel their texture, and try them on before making a decision.

Hosting a designer purse party is no different from hosting any of a number of other home parties. All you need is a good source of designer handbags at wholesale prices and a comfortable place to hold your party. Finding designer purses at true wholesale prices can be tricky. Many of the so-called “wholesalers” of designer handbags are actually discounters and won’t give you a price that allows you to make a decent profit. Take the time to research your sources carefully to make sure you’re getting prices that will allow you at least a two-and-a-half times mark-up.

With the designer purse party business, the sky’s the limit. Once you’re comfortable holding parties, recruit some of your guests to have parties of their own and you can leverage your time to make even bigger profits. There’s nothing more satisfying than making money in your own home business.