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Earbud Headphones Are Small, Light and Very Compact and Cannot Be Beat For Size!

Earbuds headphones are the types of headphones that are usually the size of an average acorn. Before spending your money with these types of headphones, you might think of it before doing so. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages, so it’s up to you if its advantages will benefit you more than the damage that it may cause you.

When iPod came into the world of music, earbud headphones have become popular too. The company Apple sends these units with tiny headphones in every package. Since these types of headphones are too small, bear in mind that you have to keep it in a safe place and away from your pets – because it might get eaten! And you really do not want that to happen. Now, let us start to lay down the advantages of having earbud headphones first.

Earbud headphones are really small, light and very compact. It can be brought everywhere. It has also has its own casing and has a spool for storing the cord without any tangles. Some also have snug fitting foam pieces to dampen any external noise. It is very useful since you do not have to increase the level of volume, and so as to avoid any hearing problems from any deafening noise levels. These types of headphones also have a good bass response, which is very surprising considering their small size.

So after outlining the positive sides of having these earbud headphones, let us now discuss about the disadvantages of having this stuff. For the new users of these earbud headphones, they might be not comfortable wearing these since it should be placed in their ear canal. Another thing, some people have small ear canals while some have larger ones. Well basically, one size does not fit all. The sound that will be produced will really depends on how these earbud headphones fits in their ear. The escaping air volume will decrease the bass response, thereby making a shrill timbre. Ear infection is also another thing. One must frequently clean or much better replace the foam pieces that go inside the ear.

Definitely, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, since some positive sides and negative sides of owning an earbud headphones have been given, it is up to you whether you will still consider buying these types of headphones.