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Zero Friction Marketing and Getting Accepted Into CPA Networks

It would be pointless having strategies as those outlined in Zero Friction Marketing if you do not belong to any CPA Networks, or do not have CPA offers to promote.

Pick the networks you want to join based on these criteria:

Rule number one – Never appear to be a newbie or a beginner, even if you are one.

Networks do not like filling up their books with newbies, because their earning potential is very low.

You must come across as a person who knows what he wants, knows what he is doing, and is successful at doing it.

Always, look like, and talk like a seasoned affiliate marketer, and this is what you have to do, to appear so.

Have a well designed professional looking website.

If you do not have a website, then set up an hosting account with a company like Hostmonster or Hostgator.

Register a domain name that is linked to internet marketing or affiliate marketing industry. The CPA industry would be more professional. Set up your website with at least 10 to 15 pages of relevant quality content, all CPA, CPL and affiliate marketing related.

It would be easier for you to set up a blog, as most hosting companies have CPanel, which has a WordPress blog creating function in it. It is very simple. Just follow the tutorial videos contained in very CPanel, and you would do fine.

Have a business looking email address, not a free Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail address, but a paid email application. You can create one with the hosting company of your website.

This is an example of the domain name and email account you can set up. This is an example only and not an existing domain name:

and an email address that looks like this

or this

Having done that, remember to set up a Skype account, it is free. Let your Skype id be your name or part of the domain name of your website.

Most CPA networks like talking to their prospective affiliates. They may phone you, and these are the typical questions they would ask you.

How long have you been doing Affiliate Marketing?

Last 18 to 24 months. Quantify it in months because the volume sounds larger. Say 24 months instead of 2 years, because 24 definitely sounds larger than 2.

How much of targeted traffic do you attract to your website. How many unique visitors do you get per month?

50,000 to 10,0000.

How do you get your traffic?

You build blogs on domain names that are high search volume key phrases in the niche that you want to operate in. Apart from Organic Search Engine Results because your blogs are highly ranked by Google you also run PPC campaigns on Google for promising lucrative offers

What type of advertising have you had success with so far?

Only Google PPC till now.

What type of offers are you interested in, or want to work with?

Any Converting offer.

Do you offer incentives on your websites?


What is your Advertising Budget?

$100.00 a day at the moment.

What other networks do I work with at the moment?

Name all the ones that you actually work with, or just run off the ones at the top of this article and add a few more to it.

If you answer the questions confidently and satisfactorily, you will be accepted and be assigned to an affiliate manger.

Remember to get Zero Friction Marketing, if you have not done so already.

To Your success.

Noel Benjamin D’Costa.