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Options For Setting Up Your Own Website Using WordPress

Creating a website is a great way to provide some information about something whether it be about yourself, your business or a certain topic. With the types of tools that are out there today, it’s surprisingly not that hard to set up your own website. Using a blogging platform like WordPress makes it easy for even the most novice web users.

One option for using WordPress is to set up a blog that is hosted by the company. All you have to do is select a name for the domain, your theme for what your blog will look like and any add-ons to enhance the look or functionality of your site. This is the most basic form of site-building you can do and it’s effective at allowing you to have a full-functioning website.

If you decide to go a little more advanced, you can host your WordPress blog or website with a third-party hosting service. Bluehost or Hostgator are two reputable hosting service providers that charge you about six to ten dollars a month to host unlimited small websites. Some of these companies even give you a free domain purchase so that you can choose the name of your site and get it for free.

Finally, once you’ve set up your hosting and linked up your chosen domain name, you need to install WordPress on your domain. Most of the cheap hosting providers offer scripts or programs that allow you to set up WordPress with one click and a bit of information inputted. The whole process is really pretty simple. Good luck and enjoy your site.